Defining Manor House: One of the stops on your route to a dream home

A young and exciting company dealing with interior and exterior finishes for the construction and renovation industries in Malaysia. Its partners and founders are three enthusiastic, talented people from different segments of the construction industry, decided to supply tile interior and exterior finishes that are unusual and beautiful.


Those who have travelled overseas must have seen the beautiful finishes that adorn hotels, homes and shopping centers. Sometimes they wonder why these finishes are not available in Malaysia.

One of the reasons cited by traders is that there is insufficient demand for such specialised products. This can frustrate developers and architects who want to create homes and projects that are unique and unforgettable.

We decided to bring these products to Malaysia and make them available. It is not so important that the demand for any product is small. It is important that it is available to those who want to use them.

This site is more than just an online catalogue of tiles and products. It is a place of inspiration. The sight of rich colours arranged harmoniously or in interesting patterns may inspire you to dream of a style that represents yourself or your client. That's when you've reached that perfect moment and create something that is of quality and lasts a lifetime.

Mission Statement

Overall objective: to assist and facilitate our customers in their goal of obtaining the right look for their project,
home or workplace.

How we achieve the overall objective:

Our business is Service. We are not just selling tiles, we are facilitating dreams. We are not suppliers of door handles, we supply ideas and choices.

Manor House is constantly looking for new and bright ideas and products which will put more options on the designer's palette. Malaysian architects and interior designers deserve to have a larger variety of finishes to work with. Malaysian homes deserve to have more choices in terms of the ambience that can be created.

Manor House's business practices are based on the belief that people deserve to live in environments that suit their personalities. Manor House strives to play a part in bringing this to reality.

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